To honor ISLET Group’s 20th anniversary year, we selected a cause close to our hearts: the Baltic Sea. As Isletters, we easily understand the value of the seas of the world, including the Baltic Sea. We take care of our unique nature to guarantee its well-being for future generations.

ISLET’s #IsletGoesItämeri challenge, which began in July 2019, has come to an end with its participants collecting a total of 9,370 kilometers of cycling, running and hiking – a great achievement! As a result, ISLET’s 20th anniversary collection pot has already exceeded 4,000€. A warm thank you to all participants and contributors!

As protecting nature and the Baltic Sea is now more important than ever and the campaign received a lot of positive feedback, we continue collecting next year as we move towards our 10,000€ target. Therefore, you can still participate in the #IsletGoesItämeri campaign next year! And of course you can also participate by donating at any time here.

Also see how funds collected for WWF are used and other useful information on the state and protection of the Baltic Sea in our video (in Finnish).




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