ISLET organizes again Joulupuu Christmas charity campaign where we have our own collect point in our office and we collect Christmas presents for those children and teens who might not otherwise get any. Those children and teens are for example receiving child protection services.

ISLET encourages its partners and other Spektri Business Park companies to do good and join the charity campaign. We also hope that possible company Christmas presents for us will be directed to Joulupuu charity this year.


1. Come and get a package card from ISLET’s collect point. The card tells a present receiver’s age and gender.
2. Get a present that is a brand new and unused. We can’t accept money.
3. Wrap the present.
4. Write the present’s content to your package card.
5. Attach the package card to the present with a gift string. Please don’t use tape.
6. Bring the gift to ISLET’s collect point.

ISLET office / collect point is located in:

Spektri Business Park
Kvintti building, 1. floor
Metsänneidonkuja 12
02130 Espoo

Please bring your present to our office at the latest on Wednesday 11th of December, 2019.

Further information:
+358 44 574 1308



Charity is done in collaboration with Espoo Nuorkauppakamari.


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