As a part of the #IsletGoesItämeri campaign, ISLET Group invites all its clients and partners to join taking care of the Baltic Sea and building a better tomorrow. Our partner Aureolis Oy is an expert organization focused on Business Intelligence and their vision is to be a pioneer in Business Intelligence utilization and knowledge management. Like ISLET, Aureolis also focuses on the future and believes in sustainability. Aureolis joins the campaign by donating 500€ to WWF for the Baltic Sea conservation and restoration. You can also donate, here!

”The Baltic Sea is the world’s most studied sea. For example time sequences, toxin level measurements and emission monitoring are important indicators for examining the state of the Baltic Sea”, says Sampsa Vilhunen, WWF Finland.

Data-analytics know-how can also be utilized for the nature’s benefit. Watch the video on how following trends and analytics helps in the Baltic Sea conservation (the video is in Finnish).


Our aim is to raise 10’000€ for the Baltic Sea conservation, honoring ISLET’s 20-year anniversary. Until the end of October 2019, employees and private persons alike have a possibility to join by moving to collect kilometers – and taking care of one’s own well-being at the same time. Join the movement!

Aureolis Oy was established in 2001 and is an expert organization focused on Business Intelligence. Their mission is to make their clients more competent. Aureolis supports their clients by constantly developing them to be data-driven. They actively bring fresh thoughts to their clients, as well as innovate and envision together knowledge management solutions for the future.



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