Tell us a little bit about yourself

I live with my family in Siilinjärvi. Up until now, my spare time has been mostly spent with the hobbies of my three children. Now that the eldest kids are already more independent, I have more time for my own hobbies, running, skiing and outdoor activities. I was skiing last winter almost 500 kilometers.

In what kind of organization do you work and what is your role there?

Servica Oy provides its owners with food services, cleaning and equipment maintenance, building technology and property maintenance as well as logistics services in healthcare sector. We employ about 90 people in logistics services and have a turnover of 20 million euros. The largest unit is the central warehouse, from which we supply material to almost all of Northern Savo. The largest product segment in central stock is healthcare supplies. Servica’s logistics also operate within Pohjois-Savo healthcare district internal material and patient transportation.

In my role as Logistics Manager, I am responsible for managing the logistics supply chain and developing warehousing and transportation processes. I am also responsible for logistics cost monitoring and customer satisfaction.


What is the best part of your work?

The best thing about the job is when we are able help the client succeed in their own field. Being able to interact with people and solve common challenges gives the spark. Success stories are rewarding and it is also important for me to move forward and develop. I think that if you always play it safe, you’re not brave enough. Sometimes you just have to dare, even if you don’t know the next step. I feel like I’m doing meaningful work.


To which direction is your field developing?

The municipalities have the objective of combining services. Automation and robotics are seen as a great potential to our industry. New technologies increase safety as well as efficiency. However, in the hospital world, efficiency alone cannot go beyond defining patient and information security to the required level. It must be remembered that in a hospital setting, the final customer is the patient.


What is your organization’s key message to its stakeholders and customers?

We are a support-service company and our mission is to free our customers to make their own core expertise. Our goal is that our customers and owners could succeed in their work the best possible way while we are developing effective operating models. There has been a lot of discussion about labor shortages in fields that are critical to society. Without these workers, society will not cope and therefore, work well-being and the development of operating models and concepts in order to keep the big picture running.


How does your organization retain top talents and what makes your organization a great place to work?

We have invested in working methods and tools. Engaging people in different ways is also a high priority, and we strive to keep people motivated and content. There is clearly a labor shortage in certain jobs in our industry, which is why we need to pay extra attention to work satisfaction. We have had good job satisfaction results throughout the organization. We have succeeded in creating comfortable work atmosphere and investing in managerial work by providing training and orientation not forgetting consistency in success and paying attention to manager well-being.


How would you describe the partnership with Islet?

We have been very pleased. The cooperation with Islet has been going on since 2015, during which we have developed a system that meets our needs and succeeded in developing good response times. As a partner, Islet has the flexibility and agility to make quick moves when the situation calls for it.ISLET


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