Productivity and competitive advantage are achieved through technological innovations. Companies’ operational environments are constantly changing to more diverse and networked direction. Different technologies’ ecosystems are often close to each other, even overlapping as it is not rational to keep the data in different siloes. Integration needs grow constantly and for example the core in IoT is that several devices and applications communicate together. Different technology ecosystems and the collaboration between their solution providers is the key for the success of organizations’ digital transformation. In practice, this is at an early stage, but the direction is right.

It is positive that ICT is not anymore seen as a closed internal environment but rather vast entity that consists of different integrated ecosystems. This change is major for IT as it creates prominent possibility to work more tightly with business operations on the most important strategical priorities and begs to take a role as the leading partner in business transformation.

My background is with two large ecosystems, Microsoft and SAP. I see two opposite trends happening simultaneously – technological worlds are merging but at the same time specialists and partners working in different ecosystems are publishing blogs and news that are not in line what clients want and need in reality. Emphasizing only one’s own excellence blinds clients for achieving the best solution. I have read plenty of releases that have poignant comments on challenging enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects downgrading competing technologies. The reality is that usually the author does not have any experience in the technology in question or its capabilities nor even the referred cases.

That opinionated commenting is only based on hearsay, old ways of thinking or outdated phrases. The reality is something else. Here in the North, how many of us knows for example about SAP Business ByDesign (ByD)? SAP ByD is a cloud-based solution and with its standardized processes it covers widely different parts of ERP from finance to project management and from HR to sales and production. It is a great choice for medium-sized companies looking for integrated end-to-end ERP solution, next generation mobile user experience as well as agile and rapid project execution. Being cloud-based enables business users to make adaptations themselves and the solution will update regularly in every three months. Technology debt will not grow along the years. The fastest ByD implementation is done in 28 days. Same goes for SAP new generation S/4HANA solution where the shortest conversions are made within 3-4 months.

Technology industry will certainly be shaped by breakthrough collaborations that create new ways of working more productively, cost-efficiently and in modern-way in what comes to traditional platforms, applications and technologies. Large technology providers can best create together the end-user experience that is based on constantly changing needs and agile delivery methods. It is delighting to see how for example SAP and Microsoft continuously deepen their cooperation. To mention one example, making it possible to run SAP S/4HANA solution on Microsoft Azure cloud. We, at ISLET, are also currently converting our SAP ERP system to SAP S/4HANA on Microsoft Azure. We also provide our clients innovative and cost-efficient paths to SAP S/4HANA.

Our clients do not care with what technology the development is made. What matters to them is if the solution is right fit for customer’s needs now and, in the future, and what is the life cycle of chosen technology. This kind of thinking should also guide us, the technology companies, who help customers to speed up their digitalization and have daily discussions with various organizations on their needs and wishes. Our operations are strongly shaped by our values which underline the transparency and courage to freshen mindsets. The base is the respect and appreciation towards everyone. We value our employees and clients along with our partners and nowadays the difference between partner and competitor is a thin line.

It is time to broaden our horizons, cooperate more and abandon old ways of thinking. Today being a pioneer and professional is more about realizing the potential of different technological ecosystems to our clients rather than emphasizing the juxtaposition based on outdated assumptions. Together, we can do better.


Author Piia Hoffsten previously held the role of ISLET’s operative leader.

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