Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, machine learning and blockchain have gained a lot of spotlight in the past years. Nevertheless, the implementation and utilization of those technologies on a larger scale have been so far limited in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems which operate enterprises’ core processes. The leading ERP technology vendors have done major investments for years towards these disruptive, new technologies by partnering, acquiring companies from the field and investing for their own new technology development resources.

SAP published their strategy to become the first hands-free ERP solution enabling 50% of business processes to be automated. To speed up with their goal SAP has acquired companies in the past years. For example, in the beginning of 2018, SAP acquired Recast.AI, which concentrates on developing natural language processing capabilities and three months ago they acquired Contextor, which is one of the European leaders in the design and integration of robotic process automation (RPA) solutions. SAP aims also to ease SAP and non-SAP systems integration. To meet this goal SAP will merge Contextor innovations to the already existing SAP Leonardo machine learning framework. With the help of Contextor innovations, SAP is planning to automate half of its business processes during the next three years.

The direction is interesting as there has been already for some years an ongoing discussion of exponential acceleration of speed. The increased automation will accelerate the business functions and bring several other benefits. Yet it feels like practical deployments and their benefits have been dragging behind the actual needs. There are several practical implementations that have been deployed but typically those have been put into practice for quite simple or limited areas as point-to-point deployments. The nature of these implementations has also been more experimental-like for many if we look at the more conservative end of IT-field – the enterprise resource planning. From the implementation point of view the challenge is often to connect various older technology environments to new innovations. Different technology versions are not supported by one another and therefore all the benefits from new technologies are not easily to be reused by larger audiences.

The time is ready from the enterprise resource planning standpoint. The ERP technology vendors together with their implementation partner ecosystems are investing heavily on new growing technologies. ISLET has also grown its know-how and delivery capabilities on data science, AI, robotics and machine learning. Our mission is to offer services and solutions enabled by new growing technologies for our customers’ complex business challenges on a shorter cycle and with rapid value creation.

Our team members have created solutions for different business sectors which support transparency, forecasting and business development as well as automate processes and enhance structured and non-structured data usage collected from different sources. Intelligent solutions for data modeling, data integration, data warehousing and cloud-based datapipes help to automate processes, forecast and simulate different scenarios and outcomes among other things. We will make announcements on these areas in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Author Janina Luoto is ISLET’s respected leader. She has been made of reliability, vision, interaction skills, professionality and great heart.

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