ISLET is positive exception in the technology industry, because usually there have been few women in technology companies – one fifth of employees. From our 30 employees almost half are women and half of our directors board are women! Wow! There is a great shortage of experts in technology industry and most of the potential stays yet undiscovered since we are unable to draw enough women in to the industry.

Our CEO Janina Luoto has visited many educational institutions and told about the ICT industry to younger generation. Janina has just been elected for her second term at the Finnish Software and E-business Association‘s hallitukseen ainoana naisena yhdentoista muun suomalaisen IT-alan vaikuttajan kanssa. Janina toimiikin esikuvana muun muassa nuorille naisille, joita tarvitaan mukaan teknologia-alalle tuomaan diversiteettiä mikä on alan kasvun, jatkuvuuden ja innovaatioiden perusta.

The Finnish Software and E-business Association is an independent industry advocate and speaker which believes in software’s healing power. The association is a community for executives in growth-oriented and entrepreneurial companies in software and e-commerce industries. The association creates better possibilities for entrepreneurship, it participates actively in discussions and in industry decision-making, it promotes research and education and it develops the business of its membership companies. The association was established in 1993 and it has over 700-member companies with their executives and influencers.

The Finnish Software and E-business Association has initiated and led #mimmitkoodaa (#GirlsCode or #WomenCode) program to increase the interest and to draw women towards technology industry.kiinnostuksen kasvattamiseen teknologia-alaa kohtaan.

#mimmitkoodaa-program aims to encourage women who are interested in technology to learn the basics of coding and to access employment in technology industry. The Finnish Software and E-business Association offers with its member companies free trainings for women who are interested in the industry who don’t have prior coding experience.

If you wish, we will gladly come and tell our own experiences for what it is like to work in the technology field and what type of career paths it offers. Please contact our COO Piia Hoffsten.

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