Tommi is our island’s explorer. As a real islander, he has worked in harbour as a foreman and studied logistics.

Tommi is hungry for new information and learning. New technologies and their utilization serves as a fuel for motivation to Tommi and he is really determine to learn more. Tommi is responsible and a Isletter who easily adapts to new situations. He is the “good guy” of the group who melts even the thickest ice with a solid and positive way to face peoples. Tommi’s smile leaves no one cold.

Tommi has a strong visual eye and he is happy to spend time behind the camera in his spare time. Photography is challenging but rewarding. Capturing special situations here at ISLET will be fortunately in skilled hands. Traveling and sports are also point of interests to our active Tommi and the latest sport is surfing, which he has been learning in Bali.

+358 400 499 102

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