How often do you get the possibility to participate in such a comprehensive change?

We wanted to create a fresh look and feel for our 20-year-old company. This journey taught me immensely and I am genuinely proud to be a part of the new company identity, Islet-family. It is anything but simple to change the name and renew a brand’s visual image. It calls for time, attention and deep dive thinking of who we are and how we want to be seen in the future. We have always been a pioneering guiding light for versatile thinking and working in the world of technology. The era of this new energy can be seen around us.

Branding is nowadays one of the most effective tools and it can even change the market. Personality, uniqueness, trustworthiness and loyalty are the most important cornerstones of successful brand. The most successful brands are never the victims of identity crisis. They know who they are and their responsibility for the people they serve. New innovations are constantly led without forgetting the genuineness as the focus is what matters the most to the customers.

How are we able to develop and create an irresistible customer experience, which reflects our brand vision and values and at the same time meets customer demands? The answer is not black and white. Brands that can give and create the desired experience at every touchpoint to the outside world, can distinguish themselves and successfully follow the chosen path towards the new era. Islet’s leading concept is that our ground remains solid as a rock although we develop and grow. We remember where we have come from but at the same time we look to the horizon of the future.

Brand renewal does not merely mean a process where a new brand is launched, most of all it defines how customers value your company. Brand identity is a way how you define your company to yourself, public and employees. Brand expresses the core of your existence, components your company have built on and and what you value. It is your culture, way of working, tagline, main message, signal, essence, feeling at the office, the way your team works with the customers and a lot more…

Why brand is so important? I say when the feeling is recognizable and powerful, the strong brand identity will help you to acquire customers, motivate employees and create credibility.

The fact is that well branded companies stand out!

Customers are constantly bombarded with marketing. It is useful only when they will emotionally commit to the message they notice.

What kind of companies achieve this kind of connection? The companies which have a strong opinion of what they are and who is their audience. The companies whose services, solutions and products clearly tell why they differentiate better from their competitors.

To commit a new or current customer it requires the ability to train, communicate and inspire audience with your brand – what it means and stands for.

Today’s customer expects more from a brand, not only a message delivery but also how it is delivered and what kind of a trace it leaves. Therefore, the content marketing is so important, and it must be interesting and executed with quality.

If you really want to stand out and lead your own path to improve the customer experience, you must understand two basic principles: Follow carefully your customers’ behavior in a digital world and comprehend those emotional relationships which customers will build with services, solutions and products in the physical world. Nowadays customers expect every organization they interact with knows and recognizes them. They have given you access to their data through every channel they interact with, so it should be used, analyzed and understood. Seamless customer experiences must be based on combining know-how and vision to customers’ real life. This allows you to drive a real change in your company’s attempt to reach customers the way you wanted.

Every employee in organization must understand the vision and meaning. It must be ensured all employees within your business understand how they must adapt their actions to your brand. Before you manage customer experiences positively and long-term act first within your organization. In other words, do not run before you learn to walk.

People like surprises and want to have different experiences. Do not be too predictable. Mix cards and stretch your thinking. Never take the audience for granted.

Remember that customers re-evaluate their needs more often than one should think. Instead of being reactive to your customer needs, try to be proactive and help them to renew themselves. Manage and lead actively your strategy to commit customers or someone else will do it better.

What are the things that draw attention? Being trendy, inspiring, purposeful, professional, innovative and collaborative brand – these things make people to stop, listen and pay attention. Customers want to recognize the brand they can grow with, earn the trust and make them feel valuable. People want to be linked with branded products, services and solutions helping them to bring purpose to their businesses or lives. Brand must be like customer’s best friend.


Professionalism plays an important role when creating the credibility. Customers consider twice to start a business relationship with a company if its message is not consistent and clear. As mentioned earlier the emotions related to a brand’s name, look and experience are in our brains and these reactions have a strong impact on customers’ decisions.


Customers are loyal to a brand which shares their values. When you develop your brand communication it is vital to communicate with company values to build emotional connection to the target market. The trust towards a brand can last a lifetime and often passes to the future generations.

When an employee works in a company which has a good reputation they feel to connect deeply with business duties and values, are proud of what they do and where they belong to.


It is difficult to abandon a trademark as you could describe a brand leading. When you develop your brand, what is the legacy you want to leave behind. How your brand can be recognized? The brand legacy starts from its origin, its core idea. The central idea or thought that covers all sides of a brand.

In my opinion brands that “share the crop” of their success – are the ones that reach their audience the best. “Give Back” needs to be a central part of every brand’s DNA. Unfortunately, many brands forget to give back to those who support the growth. A successful brand is not merely made of winning market share and profitability, it is also sharing success with others.

Your revenue may be a thousand, million or billion, but be respectful and thankful to those people and communities your brand is aimed for. Take time to interact in a way that stands out and leaves a mark. There are several options. Offer sponsoring if you are genuinely interested to support, be consistent with community’s goals and participate actively in charity events and events supporting the social relations and sense of community. Build your own social responsibility strategies. If you have limited resources or just want to keep it simple, you can also show it by small gestures. Everything counts.

Brands have nowadays a significant responsibility in society, to touch the need of the world and help making it a better place. Islet is a family-owned, internationally operating company and we strive for the better world with the help of latest technology and by being near our customers. These are not just beautiful words – our values are actions.


Piia Hoffsten, COO

+358 40 587 7303

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