In 2017, Servica implemented a new mobile user interface for order processing that was developed by Islet. This UI5 technology based application, independent of the device type, replaced procurement system and barcode reader devices which were at the end of their lifecycle. With this new mobile user interface, employees choose ordered products on a tablet or mobile phone to the warehouse without manual barcode scanning.

The new user interface simplified work and accelerated order process. It also significantly increased data quality since two separate systems were merged into a centralized one. Now all the necessary data is processed in one ERP system where the data is updated in real-time.  

Servica has reduced time to place orders and simplified their overall system architecture in the project executed with Islet. Data related to product availability and possible back order notifications update in real-time when processing an order. Confirmations are delivered electronically to hospital departments. With real-time information, the person placing an order can more carefully plan the delivery time and be sure that all the critical instruments and supplies are always available at the hospital. Unnecessary administrative work has also diminished substantially due to the system consolidation.  

User experience of the new order processing interface has been positive. Devices are easy to carry during change of location and placing orders has been simplified. Interface scales up to different devices for example mobile phones and computers. Compared to earlier barcode readers, these new mobile devices are multi-functional, cheaper and easier to repair and replace if needed. This way, it is ensured that orders are always placed on time.

According to Servica, Islet’s strengths are in delivering solution as promised. During the project, Servica could trust the targets were achieved on time. With the new mobile application, Servica’s order-to-delivery process is more efficient and better service can be offered to their customers.  

The new mobile user interface and system development implemented with Islet digitalized our filling service’s order-to-delivery process, enabled real-time data and simplified our system architecture.”
Pasi Savolainen, IT Manager, Servica

Servica is a communal public utility owned by the City of Kuopio and the health care district of Northern Savonia. It provides to its customers joint support services in the fields of real estate and logistics services, food service and facility and instrument maintenance services. Servica employs over 1200 employees. Its filling service is responsible for the orders of the Kuopio University Hospital departments and operating rooms’ warehouses in 570 different storage locations.  

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