Kuopio City, the health care district of Northern Savonia and Servica have been active users of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning systems for many years. Islet is in charge of the SAP system maintenance and continuous development. When Servica’s functional development needs for their central warehouse became current, Islet was a clear choice for implementing the development because of Islet’s professional competence and the customer trust and knowledge built within the long relationship.   

In 2015, after a SAP version upgrade, Servica renewed its warehouse collecting process with Islet by implementing Lean Warehouse processes and a simplified user interface done with SAP Screen Personas technology. The new user interface works on modern tablet based collecting devices. Servica had three clear goals for the development: to increase the efficiency in collecting, to broaden the supply chain management and to develop the reporting and logistics. An important part of the project was to map current processes and to optimize them by removing all unnecessary phases by applying Lean-methodology.   

The advantages of implementation of Screen Personas and Lean warehouse management-process have been obvious and are clearly seen on the daily operations of Servica’s warehouse. The results are visible on every level, as the time spent on collecting has been reduced by almost 25 percent. The reliability of deliveries has improved remarkably and the induction of new employees is easier. Moreover, Servica’s warehouse became paperless.  

The project executed with Islet was efficient and flexible and it was done within a short time frame. As a long term SAP partner, Islet was already familiar with customer’s processes and therefore the collaboration was easy. Servica trusted Islet’s expertise and the way of working in keeping the agreed deadlines. In the next phase, Servica and Islet have developed the order-delivery process of the refill service.

The process optimization and the new Screen Personas user interface implemented together with Islet increased the performance of warehouse collecting by 25 %.” Marko Tuomela, Logistics Manager, Servica

 Servica is a communal public utility that provides joint support services. It is founded by the City of Kuopio and the health care district of Northern Savonia. Servica’s services include food services, facility and equipment maintenance, land management and maintenance and logistics services. Servica employs around 1200 people and its turnover of about 77 million euros.

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