Lumene has operated SAP enterprise resource planning system extensively since the year 2004. Lumene uses SAP systems broadly for the management of different key operations throughout the company. With small scale development executed in cooperation with Islet, Lumene has developed their system to cover different processes more comprehensively, to incorporate new businesses and entities within the current system and to unify and standardize data within the Group. Furthermore, along the years, several other important business systems have been integrated to SAP.


Islet has been Lumene’s long-term SAP maintenance service partner since 2011. Through sustainable partnership, Lumene has achieved significant advantages: flexibility, cost-efficiency and customer oriented service. With Islet, Lumene can genuinely trust their service provider and to a prompt problem solution if challenges arise.   

Agility, high-quality service and focus on the essentials are Islet’s strengths according to Lumene. With strong professional skills, Islet fulfills the needs of the customer. Through long-term cooperation and a named service coordinator, Lumene and Islet have formed a strong relationship and developed high-quality service realization together. A global SAP system with a reliably organized flexible maintenance and development service guarantee international growth opportunities for Lumene.  

Islet is our long-term trusted partner in SAP-maintenance and development
says Lispe Tammivaara, Head of Sales Operations / IT Manager, Business Solutions, Lumene Oy


Lumene is the market leader in Finland in skincare products and color cosmetics. Lumene’s turnover was 54.5 million euros in 2018 and it employs around 260 people. Lumene has been one of Finland’s most popular cosmetics brand for over 45 years. The vital ingredients of Nordic nature and strong technological expertise have been the secret behind their success. 

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