Finland’s leading business technology magazine Tivi published an article about our inspiring story and succession in January 2018. We are an exceptional IT company in many ways, according to Tivi. Two main reasons are that our operational management has been always run by women and we made a successful change of generation in 2015, both of what are rare among the information technology businesses.

Marjariitta Wakkola founded ISLET and this year we are celebrating our 20-year anniversary. Marjariitta’s long and versatile career has given a strong foundation for the family company to become a successful business.

Before starting BPS Consulting Finland (now ISLET), she worked as an entrepreneur in clothing retail, Financial Manager as well as an IT Manager. She was introduced to SAP technologies while working at Government Procurement Center (Hansel), where she was leading Finland’s first SAP implementation project in 1996. After the implementation, she moved to SAP Finland where she got the idea to start her own company. This is how BPS Consulting Finland (now ISLET) was started in 1998.

The succession in family company started in 2015, when twins Janina and Tommi Luoto bought the business and started in operational management. Active role in the family business was not in their early career plans: Tommi focused on sports, with a goal to become a professional football player, while Janina worked hard abroad. Three years ago, the idea of continuing their mother’s work as a technology pioneer in family business, was clarified for both.

The groundbreaking change in SAP technologies was one of the inspiring factors behind the succession. SAP’s new S/4HANA technology has revolutionized the world of SAP solutions. In the new S/4HANA solution, the business logic and user interface have gone through a major transformation. Moreover, components of artificial intelligence have been added to the system. The two entrepreneurs believe that the broad and deep knowledge and expertise foundation enables the development of new and innovative solutions in the future with SAP technologies.

One of the main success factor for ISLET has been the strong competences and clear focus on the core know-how. Moreover, the concept of caring is a key to successful business and it is built into the company’s values. The organization respects and values everyone who is involved in their ecosystem: customers, team members, partners as well as competitors. Sustainable business, for future generations and for the earth, can only be made with caring and empathy.

Read the Tivi’s article here (in Finnish)!

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